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People love shade.
 The advantage of retractable awnings is shade on demand. The awning is available  when you need it, otherwise, it remains retracted. Another advantage is miminal maintence, because the awning is not constantly exposed to the elements.
 Parker's Canvas offers Solair brand retractable patio awnings and retractable window awnings covered with brillant Sunbrella fabrics.
Retractable Awnings
Fixed Frame Awnings
 Perfect for decks and doors, windows or the balcony. Awnings that give you constant protection from the sun and rain. An awning covered with Sunbrella fabric is sure to give years of service with the 10 yr. warranty.
Why do we need boat covers? The simple and obvious answer to this is - to protect the boat from various elements that might cause harm to it. Rain, sun, water, fungus, mildew, rodents, small animals, bird droppings, etc. are some of the things which generally harm a boat. A boat cover ensures that the boat is well protected from all of them plus other things that have the potential to damage the material a boat is made up of. 
Custom Boat Covers
 The RollEase Roller Shade System is a manually-operated mechanism (clutch) for raising and lowering all types of roller shades. By simply pulling on a control cord or bead chain at one end of the shade, the operator can easily and precisely position any shade weighing up to 30 pounds. The system can be specified with either left-hand or right-hand control.  Cords are available in many colors of polyester and in metal or plastic bead chain.
Roller Shades
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 Parker's Canvas Products helps you get it. Shade provides cool, refreshing comfort. And the right shade system can provide something more, an even better looking home.
 With more great awning systems than you’ll find anywhere else, we’ve got the right one for you.
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